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Kanzy since 2006 based in IJsselstein, (The Netherlands) supplies handmade tube amps with heavy specifications into a beautiful, original housing. The development and production of Kanzy tube amplifiers is done entirely in-house. This makes Kanzy the first Dutch manufacturer of audio amplifiers in this exclusive segment.
Designers and builders of the Kanzy KAAM-1000 heavy tube amplifier
The masterminds and builders at Kanzy, engineer Paul Dam en CEO Lars Dam used a development time of over three years to develop a tube amp that could meet their quality standard. The KAAM-1000 amplifier is the first fruit of their efforts, and the result is impressive! Read the main technical specifications here. The KAAM-1000 heavy tube amplifier can be ordered only through authorized dealers.

More information?
The KAAM-1000 amplifier was officially launched in 9 October 2010. Do you want more information about the KAAM-1000? Send an e-mail to Kanzy. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Kanzy KAAM-1000 amplifier: made with passion, driven by perfection.