The Kanzy KAAM-800 is a handmade 100% class a 'double mono' tube amplifier with heavy specifications. The builders of Kanzy personally ensure the ultimate sound quality of their brand. The basis of this quality is reflected in the transfer function plot. The KAAM-800 was officially launched 6 February 2011. Mail Kanzy for more information.

Quality components and assembly techniques
After three years of development time the Kanzy KAAM-800 has become reality. The KAAM-800 includes high quality audio grade resistors and capacitors. The gold contacts, ceramic braces and supplied power cable with captive bayonet ensure optimal performance and a long life. Components are soldered by hand and hand soldered with silver in freeform technique (hard-wired).

The appearance of the KAAM-800
The KAAM-800, with its rugged steel housing and fine glass tubes, gold-coloured knobs and decorative frames can be plated with 24 carat gold, if desired. Both amplifiers are invisibly attached to the power housing. The KAAM-800 comes in a luxurious wooden box and with a personalized book with extensive backgrounds, technical information, a report of the entire production process, images of the construction and various test reports.

More information?
The KAAM-800 amplifier was officially lauched 6 February 2011. Do you want more information about the KAAM-800? Send an e-mail to Kanzy. We will get back to you as soon as possible.