Kanzy introduces its second handmade 100% class a 'double mono tube amp, the KAAM-800. This amplifier has heavy specifications like its big brother the KAAM-1000. The builders of Kanzy personally guarantee the ultimate sound quality for all the products of their brand. The basis of this quality is reflected in the transfer characteristic. The transfer function plot. The KAAM-800 is available since March 1, 2011. On this site you will find all the backgrounds of the KAAM-800 and the KAAM-1000. You can also find some exclusive photos.

Are you interested in selling Kanzy tube amplifiers in the EU or in the Far East?
Kanzy is looking for resellers for its handmade tube amplifiers in countries in Europe and in the Far East. Are you a reseller of high-end audio equipment in these areas and are you interested in selling Kanzy tube amplifiers like the KAAM-800 and the KAAM-1000 please contact us on reseller@kanzy.eu

Are you interested in buying Kanzy tube amplifiers?
For consumers in countries with no reseller available we offer a direct sale for the KAAM-800 and the KAAM-1000 from our main office in The Netherlands. Please contact us on directsales@kanzy.eu for further information.